New Date: Ride of Silence Columbus

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New Date: Ride of Silence Columbus
05/28/2014 6:30 pm
Consider Biking
Ohio Statehouse
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Postphoned One Week due to Thunderstorms:


Ride of Silence Columbus
Ohio Statehouse West Plaza
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Gather 6:30 pm
Ride 7:00 pm

2014 Ride of Silence

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm
(Riders should begin gathering at 6:30 pm)
Ohio Statehouse (High Street side)
UPDATE:  Due to Construction, we will be on the West Plaza (High St side)
Downtown Columbus, OH

For Immediate Release: April 14, 2014rideofsilence_round.jpg

The 11th Columbus Ride of Silence will be held on May 21, 2014.

Columbus, OH – The Greater Columbus bicycling community will gather at the Ohio Statehouse on Wednesday May 21, 2014 for the 11th time as part of the worldwide Ride of Silence held annually on the 3rd Wednesday in May.

The purpose of the ride is to remember and mourn those killed by motorists; honor those injured by a motorist; raise awareness that our community has, and supports, a large population of cyclists; to demonstrate we expect respect from motorists; remind motorists that we wish only to SHARE the roads; and to show the public that cyclists are not going to stop riding on the roads.

The program will begin at 6:40 pm with the ride departing at 7 pm. Speakers include Wanda Freeman Dixon mother of Travis Freeman, who is still recovering from a crash on February 28 in Columbus; and the Honorable Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, Franklin County Clerk of Courts and Consider Biking Representative.

Riders are offered armbands of black or red. Black arm bands represent those who have died in a crash with a motorist and red is worn to represent those injured in a bicycle/motor vehicle crash, which may refer to that rider or another.  Helmets, bright clothing and lights are recommended, especially for the ride home.  There is no fee to participate.

About the Ride of Silence
Chris Phelan organized the first Ride Of Silence in Dallas in 2003 after endurance cyclists Larry Schwartz was killed by a passing bus mirror on an empty road. The Ride Of Silence is a free ride that asks its cyclists to ride slowly and remain silent during the ride.  Each year on the third Wednesday of May, bicyclists all over the world  take to the roads in a silent protest of the carnage taking place on the streets.  The Ride of Silence is a safe, responsible, professional and mature response to the aggressiveness and intimidation that cyclists face on the roads.  The ride hopes to raise cycling awareness during bike safety month to motorists, police, traffic engineers, insurance companies, and city officials. The ride is also a chance to mourn, in funeral procession style, those who have already been killed. This ride has no fee or registration and includes hundreds of cyclists from all niches of our community. Visit

About Consider Biking
Consider Biking promotes all forms of bicycling. The organization provides educational resources, and advocates to improve the safety and conditions for bicyclists using the roadways. Visit

To learn more about the Columbus Ride of Silence, please contact
Jim Silcott, Bicycle Commuter, School Principal and Columbus Bicycle Committee Member
(614) 309-3843 and


PRESS RELEASE PDF: RideofSilence_PressRelease_2014

Printable Flyer/Poster: Ride of Silence Flyer 2014
National web site –

2014 Ride of Silence

Why we ride:

The ride is to HONOR those who have been injured or killed

To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here

To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD


6:30 PM
Speakers: Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, Wanda Freeman Dixon and Steve Magas
Closing Poem
7:00 PM Ride Departs North


The Ride of Silence is a slow group ride, akin to a funeral procession, in total silence. The ride is a safe, responsible, professional and mature response to the aggressiveness, intimidation, and carnage that cyclists face on the roads we ride. It is a means to:
  • Remember and mourn those killed by motorists,
  • Raise awareness that our community has, and supports, a large population of cyclists,
  • Show the public that cyclists are not going to stop riding on the roads,
  • Point out that we ask for respect from motorists,
  • Remind motorists that we wish only to SHARE the roads.
Local History
In 2004,  the founding of our Ride of Silence, was not only a respectful education statement….but, more importantly, it was a conscious effort to kick-start our bicycle advocacy efforts (via COBAC/Consider Biking). And it’s worked.
At the 2010 Ride, Mayor Coleman joined us and told the 750 assembled riders, that it was the first Ride of Silence that caught his attention. That opened the door for us to begin discussing the need for a comprehensive bike plan, and City’s subsequent investment in bicycle accommodations. The Ride of Silence was the seed that developed the momentum we see today.
National History
In early May 2003, Larry Schwartz, a well-loved cyclist from Plano, Texas was struck by a school bus and killed. The Dallas area had experienced a number of cycling fatalities in the past year, and the local cyclists created the first Ride of Silence later that month to memorialize Larry and the others that had been killed by autos.  With only 2 weeks notice, over 1,000 cyclists gathered for the memorial ride and created a media event to promote awareness of cyclists on the roads.
In 2004, Larry’s fiance’ requested a handful of Larry’s cycling frineds to carry the Ride of Silence to their local communities. Hence, the Ride of Silence was born in Columbus. In subsequent years, the event has spread nationwide and worldwide, with over 300 communities planning simultaneous Rides of Silence to occur the third Wednesday of May.
Riders wear armbands to represent a personal connection:
  • Black armband – know, and mourn, a cyclist fatality with an auto,
  • Red armband – for those that have been injured by a motorist.
This ride has no fee or registration and includes hundreds of cyclists from all niches of our community. Consider Biking is the primary organizer of the Ride of Silence; however, all allegiances have been dropped in the name of solidarity with all local cycling clubs, teams and bike retailers endorsing the Ride of Silence.
National web site –